Small and medium-sized associations & corporations…

turn to Capitol Hill Advocates, Inc. (CHA) to obtain access to the inner workings of government in Washington DC on issues that are vital to their mission.

Many such organizations make the economic choice to not support full-time GA staff (or to downsize from full time), nor do they wish to pay the large imbedded overhead costs inherent in retaining large outside firms.

Further, many clients desire a close relationship with their lobbyists, to ensure that they receive the appropriate personal service that is specific to their needs and absent potential other interests.

CHA's business model is designed specifically to fit the needs, and budget, of cost-conscious associations and businesses that seek to be the voice for their interests on Capitol Hill and federal agencies - to pursue their interests with effectiveness, efficiency and confidence.

CHA is committed to maintaining a compact client base that allows focused attention on the specific needs of each client, and avoids potential dilution in time or issues. CHA's business model ensures that clients can focus their efforts on their specific needs in the most economical and efficient manner. 100% of all client servicing is conducted by experienced senior registered lobbyists.

CHA and its partners have decades of professional experience serving the association and business market, with a wealth of contacts and access to the key corridors of policy in Washington DC.