CHA has a blend of capabilities and flexibility…

to help prospective clients focus their Government Affairs operations. CHA can make available a wide array of Government Affairs services, and then work with clients to tailor an arrangement to the client's specific needs, including but not limited to:

  • Real time issue monitoring, legislative and regulatory
  • Assisting in arranging meetings with key policy-makers in Washington DC
  • Interpretation and analysis of legislative and regulatory actions
  • Rapid response and strategy development
  • A broad range of communications to keep leaders and executives informed
  • Attending key Washington DC events to represent client interest
  • Drafting policy papers, testimony, public comments, news material, articles and memoranda
  • Drafting new legislation designed to advance client interests
  • Coordinating grassroots lobbying for client members and executives
  • Direct lobbying to Members of Congress, their staff and the federal agencies

In addition, CHA has the small-medium association and corporate focus to search and identify potential revenue opportunities arising from the various economic recovery packages passed by Congress in the last year, including the $787 billion "STIMULUS" package.